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Reinvent Yourself with Reveil

I have recently teamed up with Reveil to offer you a wide range of products.

ReVeil make-up is one of the few professional cover cream foundations on the market which offers a flawless, long-lasting, smudge resistant, waterproof and sweat-proof coverage.  

As well as providing a natural flawless finish, ReVeil make-up is also a great foundation due to its durability.  We also offer a range of complementary skin care products that have specifically been designed to cover a range of skin imperfections such as stubble rash,  birthmarks, pigmentation, scars,eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins and unwanted tattoos!

Benefits for You

Three in one action!

  • Cover up for beard shadow
  • Light enough to apply as foundation
  • Concealer for under eyes and blemishes.




Lightweight, natural-looking, and non-chalky, ReVeil Cover Cream is available in a full range of shades which are smudge-resistant and easy to apply and blend. It is also great to use as a concealer for occasional blemishes, spots and dark well as an all over foundation.  ReVeil Cover Cream is also waterproof.

As well as the cover cream we offer professional finishing powders, brushes and a skin care range. 


ReVeil is a trusted brand that has been manufactured in the UK for over 65 years. All of our products are cruelty-free and ReVeil are against animal testing.