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Reinvent Yourself with Reveil

Reveil Colour Matching Kit - Double Dark Shades NEW


Our brand new sample colour matching kit allows you to find your shade before buying our full range of products!

We've added 5 new dark shades and created a double dark camouflage cream matching kit that offers twice as many shades than our other sample kits so you find the perfect shade for you!

Dark Skin tone - Latte, Olive, No 2, Rose, Brown, Mocha, Cocoa, Chestnut, Coffee, Walnut.

All dark skin tone colours are included PLUS, Cinnamon, Warm Coffee, Bourbon, Russet Tan, Tawny, Tuscan, Ebony, Fudge, Hazelnut & Oak.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our new colours and formulas!