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Build a perfect for you bundle with these three best selling products with 20% savings. All three products MOODSTRUCK EPIC MASCARA, MOODSTRUCK SPLASH LIQUID LIPSTICK & MOODSTRUCK ADDICTION SHADOW PALETTE come in the colours of your choice giving you control to create the look you love.

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Moodstruck Epic Mascara - This multi effect mascara visibly improves volume, length & definition. We recommend 2 coats for daytime and 4 for a night out. Comes in Brown, Black & Black Waterproof.

Moodstruck Splash Liquid Lipstick - Make a splash with the velvety  smooth silky liquid lipstick. Colours range from Daring Purple to natural nude & baby pink.

Moodstruck Shadow Addiction Palette - Indulge your addiction with seven stunning shades & finishes in each of the stunning palettes including the latest palette number 6. A mix of eye catching browns and purple mauve in matte, shimmer & the new shimmer pearl fleck.

What's not to love!

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