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Reinvent Yourself with Reveil

Reveil Colour Corrector Stack


ReVeil Colour Corrector Concealer Kit includes 

• 5 x 5g Jars
• 1 x Cosmetic Sponge
• 1 x Spatula

Corrector shades are designed to professionally create a neutralising base layer. The five easy-to-blend corrector shades counteract discolouration, leaving you with an even base to start applying Reveil Cover Creme.

• Mauve corrector shade: Neutralises yellow - useful for brightening dull      complexion
• Green corrector shade: Neutralises red -  for concealing blemishes , redness and scars
• Yellow corrector shade : Neutralises purple - ideal for concealing dark circles and veins
• Rose corrector shade:  Enhances radiance and brightens dark spots
• Orange corrector shade: Neutralises blue - ideal for concealing dark circles around eye area.

Best results found on medium skin tone.