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Gem Human Hair Collection

The Gem Collection is a 100% Remy Human Hair collection of wigs which are constructed on a completely hand tied foundation, with a smooth lace front and smooth monofilament top offering complete comfort and a natural finish. The Gem Collection is completely un-styled, meaning they arrive in one all over length ready to be styled to perfection.

The different styles represent the different lengths available and they can be seen in the images here after minimal styling; enabling you to see all the length options available in this fabulous range.

The Jet base varies from the other Gem Collection pieces as it has a monofilament and polyurethane top with the lace front from temple to temple; this along with the petite sizing of the cap ensures a perfectly natural secure fit.

The Sapphire is designed for Children and like the other Gem's is constructed with 100% Remy Human Hair. The Sapphire is completely hand-tied with a monofilament top and soft lace front to give a realistic and most importantly comfortable fit. The Sapphire comes completely un-styled with all over 12inch hair length, which can be styled to suit.