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Whether you need a complete new look, help with transitioning or just want to look your best for that special occasion Makeover Girl has something to offer you! Choose from a make-up application, make-up tutorial, style & image analysis, colour anlysis, personal shopping or a complete re-invent yourself makeover! I also offer a complete hairdressing service for natural hair as well as a wig consutation with a fitting service in my studio.  I stock a generous selection of excellent quality wigs with a colour fitting service to ensure you make the right choice for your face shape and skin tone. Call for a confidential free consultation. 

Makeover Girl .

  • Professional Make-Up Application
  • Professional Make-up Tutorial
  • Wig Fitting Service (Free Consultation)
  • Hairdressing Serivce
  • Colour Analysis
  • Style & Image Analysis
  • Wardobe Analysis
  • Personal Shopping Outings
  • Makeover Packages
  • Transgender Events
  • Telephone support & advice