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 I turned my passion for makeup into a career in 2009 focusing on the need to help transgender women or those exploring gender fluidity.   I  have helped countless clients to explore their femininity and have helped many to progress further.  My main aim is to empower and inspire you, to give you the confidence to express your true self.

The key to success in achieving a fresh faced feminine look i have found is less is more.   I understand the importance of concealing beard shadow as well as finding good products that will help you to contour & feminise your face shape as well as enhancing your own features.

 As a professional makeup artist my aim is to find good products for my clients.  I have tried and tested lots of different makeup brands in order that they do the job i want them to do as in reality one brand does not fit all. 

I stock a range of products including my own conceal and cover cream which has multiple uses as a camouflage product and foundation.   

If you would like any further information regarding colour matching or product advice please do not hesitate to contact me.  



Makeover Girl x