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ellen Wille Collection

Corsica Mono Lace


Auburn Rooted
Espresso Mix
Bernstein Rooted
Champagne Rooted
Chocolate Rooted
Ginger Rooted
Hazelnut Rooted
Salt/Pepper Rooted
Sand Multi Rooted
Sand Rooted
Sandy Blonde Rooted
Snow Mix
Tobacco Rooted.

Casual and artistic style. 4 Star rating with a lace front.

Cap size Average. Monofilament Top. Synthetic Hair.

Colour Showing: Salt/Pepper Rooted

Colours Available: Auburn Rooted, Espresso Mix, Bernstein Rooted, Champagne Rooted, Chocolate Rooted, Ginger Rooted, Hazelnut Rooted, Salt/Pepper Rooted, Sand Multi Rooted, Sand Rooted, Sandy Blonde Rooted, Snow Mix, Tobacco Rooted.