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£95.00 £105.00

Dark Chocolate
Blueberry Burst
Ginger Brown
Kahlua Blast
Marble Brown
Coffee Latte R
Chocolate Frost R
Iced Mocha R
Mochaccino R
Sugar Cane R
Creamy Toffee R
Spring Honey R
Champagne R
Razberry Ice R
Illumina R

This bold unisex cut can be styled into a soft feminine silhouette or can be worn tousled for a rugged masculine look.

Colour Showing: Female Images: llumina R Male Images: Blueberry Burst

Colours Available: Dark Chocolate, Blueberry Burst, Ginger Brown, Kahlua Blast, Marble Brown, Coffee Latte R, Chocolate Frost R, Iced Mocha R, Mochaccino R, Sugar Cane R, Creamy Toffee R, Spring Honey R, Champagne R, Razberry Ice R, Silverstone, Illumina R,