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£119.00 £138.00

Dark Chocolate
Chocolate Swirl
Ginger Brown
Marble Brown
Toasted Brown
Chocolate Frost R
Iced Mocha R
Maple Sugar R
Harvest Gold
Strawberry Swirl
Vanilla Lush
Spring Honey
Gold Blonde
Creamy Blonde
Butter Pecan R
Mocha H
Mochaccino R
Nutmeg R
Creamy Toast R
Creamy Toffee R
Sandalwood H
Champagne R
Red Pepper
Ginger H
Raisin Glaze H
Terracotta H
Almond Spice R
Auburn Sugar R
Razberry Ice R
Irish Spice R
Copper glaze
Sandy Silver

A sassy, tousled bob with layers and a fringe. Also available in a Part Monofilament top.

Colour Showing: Creamy Blonde

Colours Available: Expresso, Cappuccino, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Swirl, Ginger Brown, Marble Brown, Toasted Brown, Chocolate Frost R, Iced Mocha R, Maple Sugar R, Harvest Gold, Strawberry Swirl, Vanilla Lush, Spring Honey, Gold Blonde, Creamy Blonde, Butter Pecan R, Mocha H, Mochaccino R, Nutmeg R, Creamy Toast R, Creamy Toffee R, Sandalwood H, Champagne R, Red Pepper, Ginger H, Chestnut, Raisin Glaze H, Terracotta H, Almond Spice R, Auburn Sugar R, Razberry Ice R, Irish Spice R, Copper glaze, Sandy Silver, Silverstone.