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Blueberry Burst
Chocolate Swirl
Kahlua Burst
Chocolate Frost R
Iced Mocha R
Maple Sugar R
Mochaccino R
Nutmeg F/R
Creamy Toffee R
Champagne R
Almond Spice R
Razberry Ice R
Illumina R
Marble Brown LR
Plumberry Jam LR.

This sassy bob has tousled layers and an edgy fringe. Part Monofilament top. Also available in a Machine Wefted cap.

Colour Showing: Chocolate Frost R

Colours Available: Blueberry Burst, Chocolate Swirl, Kahlua Burst, Chocolate Frost R, Iced Mocha R, Maple Sugar R, Mochaccino R, Nutmeg F/R, Creamy Toffee R, Champagne R, Almond Spice R, Razberry Ice R, Illumina R, Marble Brown LR, Plumberry Jam LR.