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Toasted Brown
Dark Chocolate
Coffee Latte
Ginger Brown
Medium Brown
Honey Brown R
Marble Brown R
Creamy Blonde
Mochaccino R
Spring Honey R
Creamy Toffee R
Melted Marshmallow
Mulberry Brown
Bubblegum R
Auburn Sugar R
Illumina R.

This playful flirty style fall just below the shoulder, and has soft beach waves, featuring a full fringe framing the eyes.

Colour Shown: Light Chocolate

Colours Available: Cappuccino, Toasted Brown, Dark Chocolate, Coffee Latte, Ginger Brown, Medium Brown, Honey Brown R, Marble Brown R, Creamy Blonde, Mochaccino R, Spring Honey R, Creamy Toffee R, Melted Marshmallow, Chestnut, Mulberry Brown, Bubblegum R, Auburn Sugar R, Illumina R.