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Dark Chocolate
Chocolate Swirl
Ginger Brown
Marble Brown
Coffee Latte R
Almond Rocka R
Iced Mocha R
Maple Sugar R
Spring honey
Creamy Blond
Butter Pecan R
Mochaccino R
Nutmeg R
Creamy Toffee R
Irish Spice R
Copper Glaze R
Banana Split LR
Macadamia LR.

Classic long style with subtle A-line perimeter with layers and a medium length side fringe.

Colour Showing: Crimson LR

Colours Available: Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Swirl, Ginger Brown, Marble Brown, Coffee Latte R, Almond Rocka R, Iced Mocha R, Maple Sugar R, Spring honey, Creamy Blond, Butter Pecan R, Mochaccino R, Nutmeg R, Creamy Toffee R, Irish Spice R, Copper Glaze R, Banana Split LR, Macadamia LR.