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Makeover Girl Conceal & Cover Cream

Gillian Springgay

Posted on September 22 2020



At last its finally here!  As an experienced transgender makeup artist i have been searching for a no fuss product that does what it says on the tin.  Simply conceal & cover.  It not only covers dark shadow but also doubles as a foundation for the face providing a natural looking yet flawless finish.

I have been searching for a simple solution for the past 12 years.  Not only do i want the "less is more" look i wanted something that meant you dont have to apply several products nor do you have to blend red tones or lipstick under your foundation before you begin.  It all seems a bit messy & time consuming. Imagine if you just applied one product, quickly & easily! 

And because its versatile you can always just apply a small amount to the area that requires coverage & opt to apply your favourite foundation over the top.  The choice is yours.  

The conceal & cover cream is highly pigmented and will also cover and conceal tattoos, birthmarks and any pigmentation of the skin.

Conceal & Cover comes in a 19g jar.

If your in any doubt about which colour to choose please get in touch.  I am very experienced in skin tone analysis and colour matching.

Alternatively why not come and see me for your free colour matching consultation.

I look forward to meeting you!


Makeover Girl