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New Look Natalie

Gillian Springgay

Posted on April 10 2019


Meet the lovely Natalie. Natalie visited me for a makeup tutorial as she felt that at the age of 62 she needed to freshen up her look and make up skills.  Having dressed feminine for many years she also felt that she could do with a fresh new image.

Over the years Natalie has had many different looks which she kindly showed me during her visit.  I began to teach Natalie the basics of great makeup including  how to  match her skin tone and how to bring out her amazing features.  I also demonstrated how to camouflage dark shadow to the lower half of the face and some feminisation techniques to minimise & soften the jawline whilst highlighting & bringing out the cheekbones.  I used my own Makeover Girl Camouflage Cream which was a perfect match and some products from the Younique Range.

For the perfect hairstyle for Natalie I recommended the Evanna Wig from the Hi Fashion Collection, which complimented her skin tone and softened her face shape.  The wig colour was a blend of cool tones with a long rooted effect which gives a totally natural and realistic look. When paired with a fitted brightly coloured dress, which she said she would never have chosen, it really lifted her complexion and complimented the entire look.   Its amazing what a pop of the right colour can do! 

She truly reinvented herself!

Makeover Girl  



(Wig Evanna in Creamy Toffee Rooted )                                    




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